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Welcome to my home page !

Here you can find some small scripts, utilities and dll's I have written for Visual DialogScript.

Just in case you don't know Visual DialogScript is a programming tool that enables you to rapidly develop simple scripts and applications for windows. It has a simple syntax, with English-like commands. With the ability to call any system and custom dll's and thereby access the windows API functions in Visual DialogScript 5, you can do almost anything you can do in windows using Visual DialogScript. Trust me, I wouldn't have wrote this much if I didn't mean it. If you have not done already I highly recommend you to check the links below for more information.


Support Forums


Custom Applications:

If you ever want a simple application made at a very reasonable affordable price and short development time you can contact me. The applications will be mostly built using Visual DialogScript and will be complete with a deployment package/setup ready to be installed by a end user on any Windows operating system including Windows XP (with XP styles enabled).

VDSGUI DLL A new Visual Dialogscript Extension:

This is a small sized (25 kb) extension gives you the ability to customize those last bits of your user Interface including multi-line balloon Tooltips. More Information here


You need a runtime library called vdsrun50.dll to run most of the compiled applications utilities on this site. You need to download it once if you have not installed Visual DialogScript version 5.x. on your system. Download and place this dll in your system directory. e.g. C:\windows\system in win 9x/ME and C:\windows\system32\ in NT/2k/XP. This is a one time download of approx 200 kb only. Click the icon to download =>

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