Brief Introduction : A few documentations help files and compiled executables and references/utilities for vds users.

Use is completely at your own risk. Read this

Taskbar Messages      (Download .chm)      VDS 3.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is a small collection of windows messages that can be sent to taskbar. It helps in performing certain common things done like minimizing or restoring all windows, cascading windows, Opening control panel, launching task manager, Run dialog etc..


Windows Explorer Command-Line Switches VDS 2.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

A few windows explorer command line switches based on Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - The script demonstrates how to open common folders like My Documents, Recycle bin, Show Desktop etc.


100 Control Panel Functions in VDS                 VDS 4.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

The functions are in groups of 25 with a easy to use interface and can be tested on the fly. You can click the button to test the function the text is automatically copied to clipboard for your convenience.

RunDLL Launcher                                                                                   Vdsrun50.dll is needed

This is a companion application to above one. It helps you to launch control panel applications which are not accessible directly by RunDLL e.g. on a different tab needs a button click etc. You can use it as a shortcut to these commonly accessed tasks to make your life easier.


Dialog Designer Assist                                             VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is a small utility which helps you in manipulating multiple dialog elements in Dialog designer for Visual DialogScript.
It basically helps you position similar dialog elements graphically by applying the dimensions of one to another. This can be very helpful if you are dealing with multiple dialog elements and want to change their position swap them etc. Can prove handy if you have to deal with multiple dialog elements.

VDS Tray Helper utility                                               VDS 3.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

The Utility has two components: (Needs VDS 5x runtime)

1.VDS Tray Helper Utilty
A little utiltty that sits in the system tray(Taskbar notification area to be more appropriate) and assists you while you are working with Visual Dialogscript.
1.Start upto 3 custom programs along with the utility at startup.
A tray Rt click menu which has the following functions:
2.Restore VDS IDE - minimzes help file and restores IDE even if it's stuck.
3.Kill restart VDS IDE if it hangs (useful with DLL/API programming)
4.Dialog designer Assist - another utilty described below
5.Launch upto 4 custom apps and assign custom hotkeys to each.
Tray Icon click Features:
6.Ontop set any window as topmost window. (Ctrl + Left click the taskicon)
7.Notontop to reset a ontop window (Ctrl + Shift click)
8.Reverse the title bar of a window (Alt + click )
9.Restore the reversed title bar of a window. (Alt+Shift click)
10.Pick Text - Pick test to clipboard from a dialog edit box and
even a list box (Shift click)
11.Paste without Html tags (Ctrl+Alt+V)- This will paste the contents of the clipboard to the VDS IDE with html tags removed.

2.Dialog designer Assist (DD Assist)
This is another utility that helps in repositioning multiple dialog elements on the fly.
This is useful if you have multiple buttons/edit boxes on your dialog and suddenly decide to align all the buttons on a horizontal line, equally resize all buttons, swap two buttons/edit boxes, adjust the space between the elements evenly etc. See help file for more details.


Now v 1.5 comes with a

1.complete setup for easy installation (Just a few mouse clicks away!).


3.Color spy.

RGB/COLORREF/Color Spy                                                          Vdsrun50.dll is needed

This is a small utility similar to color converter built into VDS but has some advanced functions like color spy and colorref values the last one being useful while using windows API functions. You need vdsrun50.dll if VDS 5.x is not installed in our system. You can find the download link at the bottom of this page.

API Constants Reference                                                                Vdsrun50.dll is needed

This is a collection of more than 50,000 API constants for use in Visual DialogScript listed in VDS syntax in a easily searchable database!. These can be useful for @LIB() and @SENDMSG() function. You need a w32.hlp file (windows API reference) to refer to the declarations of each API and other technical details. However these do not list the constants for which this Reference tool is indispensable, else you will have to search C++ header files/ Delphi header files etc or refer VB guides and convert to VDS. If you don't have VDS 5.x installed then you need vdsrun50.dll The collection also includes virtual key codes.

DSU Tutorial                                                                                               VDS 5.x and above

This is a beginners tutorial. It helps you on creating DialogScript Units (DSU). Deals purely with the concept of creating a DSU with illustrated help file and simple sample scripts.

No advanced stuff or any API programming have been dealt with.



You need a runtime library called vdsrun50.dll to run most of the compiled applications utilities on this site. You need to download it once if you have not installed Visual DialogScript version 5.x. on your system. Download and place this dll in your system directory. e.g. C:\windows\system in win 9x/ME and C:\windows\system32\ in NT/2k/XP. This is a one time download of approx 200 kb only. Click the icon to download =>

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