Brief Introduction : A few source codes/Units (DSU) mainly for VDS 5.x. Some use Windows API. Some of them have a compiled samples too.

Use is completely at your own risk. Read this

Windows Explorer Command-Line Switches VDS 2.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

A few windows explorer command line switches based on Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - The script demonstrates how to open common folders like My Documents, Recycle bin, Show Desktop etc. The commands are valid for all VDS versions.


MCI MIDI Player                                                          VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is a simple MCI midi player to play MIDI files. It demonstrates the use of @MCI function. You can play .wav and .mp3 with slight modifications. The code is directly compatible with VDS 5.x and 4.x. For VDS 3.x & 2.x just substitute the @mousedown with other workarounds/ remove the trackbar.

Get Error Descriptions                                    VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is an intermediate level example of API use. The Utility gives you user friendly error messages from system error code numbers. Could be useful when you are using API and want your client or even yourself know what went wrong - debugging. The script has been split into main and a include file for ease of use.


Detect Debugger/Regmon/Filemon etc.          VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

Detect +/- kill Debugger/Disassembler/Filemon/Regmon. For simplicity of use the code has been split into 2 parts (include file). It can be useful for shareware DSU/EXE authors to give some extra protection. Use at your own risk. Also I do not declare the script fit for any purpose.

MCI AVI Player                                                             VDS 3.x1 and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is a simple example to show how to play AVI (movie) files using @MCI function built into VDS. No external dll or API is needed! You can use this to play AVI for splash screens, add animations to your app e.g. indicating that a task is in progress like the copying/downloading of a file, building a movie player etc. The comments in the script and accompanying help file guide you to convert it to one compatible with lower versions of VDS. The script supports AVI's with sound also. You can play DiVx AVI also if DiVx 4.x codec is installed. (not DiVx 5).

SetMenuItemBitmaps                                      VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This script illustrates some of the advanced things you can do with menu dialog element in VDS 5 using API:

1. Setting bitmaps next to each menu item.

2. Checking and unchecking of a menu item.

3. Toggling the menu bitmap depending on whether the menu item is ticked or not.

4. Disabling a menu item.

Note that feature 2 and feature 4 are part of the new options available in VDS 5, while others use a system DLL (user32.dll) and the Windows API. Please note that this script uses windows API.

Insert/Eject any removable drive                            VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This script shows you how to call a non-VDS DLL in VDS 5. The example script uses a DLL and helps you open the door (ejecting) as well as close the door (inserting) of any removable drive if the drive supports it. It works on CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/CD-RW/ZIP/Virtual CD-ROM drives etc. If your requirement is only to use CD/DVD drives use the MCI command which is built into Visual Dialogscript as shown in another example with a much better user interface below.

Open/Close Multiple CD Trays                           VDS 3.x1 and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This example demonstrates the use of some @MCI functions in your application. The sample script opens/closes the tray of any real (not virtual) CD drive. It also uses tray icon and makes Shift+Click and Ctrl+click possible using API (otherwise difficult in VDS). The last feature may be removed to make it compatible with older VDS versions. If you want to include virtual drives/zip drives see another example above using a non-VDS dll. Please note that this script uses the Windows API. As a precaution save your work before running this script. Try at your own risk.

 VDS Services Demo                                                    VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is a small script which shows how to control services from your VDS application using API. It also illustrates the concept of using an include file and adding custom functions in VDS. For simplicity of beginners and ease of use the main code is kept in the include file and custom commands which are English-like are created. You can get more information from the accompanying help file which also contains a list of common local services. Remember that controlling services is for advanced users. So don't manipulate a service about which you don't know. Please note that this script uses the Windows API.

Transparent Window                                                          VDS 5.x and above Win NT/2k/XP

This script uses API to make the dialog transparent (alpha blending). This function is available only in Windows 2000 and above. It also demonstrates use of custom commands in VDS 5 and using trackbar element. Please note that this script uses the Windows API.

Custom Global Cursor                                     VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This example shows you how to change a global cursor to a custom cursor of your choice using API. You can change any of the system cursors e.g. arrow, hourglass, crosshair etc. You can also change more than one cursor simultaneously; however the script changes only one (standard arrow) for simplicity. The script has an added security measure to note down the pointer to your original cursor in a .ini file so that it can be restored back if the application crashes accidentally. You just need to restart it. Please note that this script uses the Windows API.

Customize System Menu                               VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This script demonstrates how to add new custom items to the system menu of your dialog and how to respond to a custom WM_SYSCOMMAND message generated by clicking that menu item. The principle is similar to subclassing in Visual Basic but here a command provided by VDS 5 itself is being used. This is one of the simple examples of using API in Visual Dialogscript. Please note that this script uses the Windows API.

Bitmap Mouseover/Hotspots                                  VDS 4.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This example shows how to use mouseover effects and create hotspots over bitmaps in VDS 4.x. Please note that although this works very well in VDS 5 there is a built in mouseover style for bitmap in VDS 5. You can use this to skin your application, for games etc.

Disable Close Button                                                    VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

A Simple example of using API in VDS 5 to disable the close button of a dialog. Please note that this script uses the Windows API.

Draw Edge                                                                           VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This simple script demonstrates how to set different edge styles to your Dialog using API. You can use one of the 4 styles:



 -Etched and


You can apply the styles to other dialog elements like bit-buttons too

Please note that this script uses the Windows API.

"Run as" replacement using API                         VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

Impersonation is the ability of a process to take on the security attributes of another process. This is a demo showing the use of ImpersonateLoggedOnUser API function using an example of starting and stopping windows services. Normally you need to login from an administrator account to have access to these functions. But using this API it is possible to enter your administrator ID and password and give the app administrative privileges. The system interacts with the app as if it were running from the account you supplied.

Mousedown Example                                       VDS 4.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

A simple mousedown example to show you how to use @mousedown function in VDS and detect the mouse button clicked without any errors especially if you want to show info based on the @mousedown event.

Desktop-window                                                               VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

Another simple API demo; Shows desktop background on your dialog giving it a different look. See your wallpaper on your VDS dialog!.
It is different from Invisible style of VDS in that desktop icons are not seen.

NoTitleMoveSnapWindow                                        VDS 4.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is a simple demo moving a window with no title inspired from others.
The special thing about it is you can have snap style in VDS 4.x
Also the dialog does not get stuck to the edges with the paint style enabled. This was designed aiming a VDS 4.x user.

Autocomplete_Editbixes                                  VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is a nice autocomplete box to put for browser element, file browser etc etc. Can be made further selective by changing constants. It uses API in shlwapi.dll

SendMailDefaultClient_attachments                   VDS 4.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This script helps you send e-mail message with attachments of any kind through your default email client -e.g. MS OUTLOOK, OUTLOOK EXPRESS, EUDORA etc. It needs that an email client is already setup on your system. It uses a freeware command line MIME Encoder.

Mirror Window                                                                 VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This looks funny. All text including title is mirrored.
I really don't conceive any great use out of it. You can use as a joke etc.

Please note that this script uses the Windows API.

Resizable Bevelled Tool Window                     VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is a bevelled tool window (Smallcap). Bevelled tool window has a better appearance than bevelled normal window but the problem is it does not minimize to tray and instead U have an old fashioned ugly button sitting at the side on desktop. This script creates a small cap styled window that minimizes to taskbar !

Mac Style Window                                            VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

 This is a window with its Title bar reversed from right to left -like a Mac Window. You can additionally add other styles (small cap , no min etc to spice it up. Please note that the script uses non VDS dll and API calls.

Bevelled Window                                                            VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is a window with a 3-D edge.
If you want smallcap style refer another example

Just Great Window                                                         VDS 5.x and above Win NT/2k/XP

It a see thru (transparent) and work thru window (You can work on the window below as if this window never existed !!. It may have many applications like displays, online help or similar info as you read and type from a window below. So let Ur imagination go wild. Uses API.

NotOnTop window                                                           VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This example shows how to change the window position from ontop back to its default state and to restore a window in any state - even hidden back to visible state using API.

Empty Recycle bin                                                  VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

It is a simple API usage example. It helps you empty your recycle bin. Ensure that you don't have any useful items in your recycle bin before using it.

EMF Demo                                                                      VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This example shows how to display EMF (enhanced-format metafile) files on your VDS dialog using API. Enhanced-metafiles are highly versatile as you can see in this example. You can display attractive graphics.

Advanced Tab Control DSU                                     VDS 3.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is a DSU (reusable unit) that helps you to get some advanced control over the TAB dialog element in Visual Dialogscript 5.By using this Unit you can :

1.Delete a tab Item

2.Insert a tab Item.

3.Hide Tab Item (s)

4.Swap a Tab Item.

5.Show the tab Items which were hidden.

6.Get the number of the item currently user has selected (clicked)

7.Select a given tab Item (e.g. Set the Initial Item on startup)

8.Change the minimum display panel width of the tab items.

9.Get the total number of tab items currently present (say after deleting the tab Items).

10.Set Custom Bitmaps to each of the tab items(Bit Tabs).

The dsu encapsulates the API and you use it with easy english like VDS commands. The package contains two versions. A limited version for  VDS 3x-5.x that is freeware with source and another that is for VDS 5.x that is shareware and has all the functions. Full version costs $5.00 US Dollar only. Registration Site: PayPal

API Constants Reference                               VDS 3.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is a collection of more than 50,000 API constants in vds syntax for use in Visual DialogScript. These can be useful for @lib() and @sendmsg() function. You need a w32.hlp file (windows API reference) to refer to the declarations of each API and other technical details. However these do not list the constants for which this Reference tool is intended, else you will have to search C++ header files/ delphi header files etc or refer VB guides and convert to VDS. If you don't have VDS 5.x installed then you need vdsrun50.dll

Get/Set File/Folder Date/Time XP                            VDS 5.x and above Win NT/2k/XP

This is a reusable unit (DSU) showing how to get or set information and change file and folder date time. You can set the date/time Created, modified, accessed separately. Said to be a little more difficult on NT based operating systems this example does that using API. Please note that this example as such doesn't work on win 9x

Mouse info DSU                                                VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This unit helps retrieve various parameter info about your rodent like: MouseSpeed
Mouse_95 Info
MouseTrails status
SnapToDefButton status
CursorShadow status

SearchTreeforFile                                                           VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

You can find a file in a given directory in VDS but it is difficult to search a tree for a file. This API example will search for a file in every subfolder starting from the root directory e.g. C:\ and is extremely fast

Set System Time                                                               VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

A small utility to change your system time using API.Include the setsystime.dsu as below:

#INCLUDE setsystime.dsu This will add a command SETSYSTEMTIME to the vds vocabulary. SETSYSTEMTIME Date,Month,year,hour,min,sec.This is far more reliable than using DOS commands.

Swap Mouse buttons                                                     VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is a simple API use example in VDS. The script swaps your left and right mouse buttons. You can press reset button or simply exit the program which will reset the buttons back to normal.

VDS Dialer Unit                                                               VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This a small unit encapsulating the functions in wininet.dll and helps you dial a internet connection, check the connection status hang up your modem etc. This can be very useful for your internet enabled applications. You can use alarm timer for example to dial a connection at a given time and hang up at the specified time schedule. Please note that hang-up works only after an autodial and may not work on some modems.

RUN VDS EXE as NT service                           VDS 5.x and above Win NT/2k/XP

This is an example of running VDS exe as a service using XYNTService.exe Tested on Win XP. Please read the readme file before you start. This can be very useful for system and network administrators e.g. to run a background program that starts before login and stays active irrespective of any user being logged in and performs background cleanup provide security restrictions to a particular user, maintain usage log of a particular service you provide etc. Also a user without proper privileges CANNOT shut down your running vds app (service). Use is at your own risk. Please note that it will not work on win 9x/ME it's a NT service right!!

Format Floppy                                                                  VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This script shows format Dialog to format your Floppy Drive using Windows API. It is a command not documented by Microsoft. Please Read the Disclaimer in the Readme.txt before you use it.

Directory-path info                                                          VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP
A collection of directory/path functions not available in VDS are implemented using windows API. Functions include @IsDirectory() @IsEmptyDirectory() @IsNetworkPath() @IsPathRelative() @IsRootPath() @IsLFNFileSpec() @IsPathURL()
Truncate path By CodeScript                                   VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP
This is a small API example which truncates a path to a given number of pixels or given number of characters to fit a edit/combo box. The last one applies to file names too. Useful mainly to give your app more professional look but may involve a lot more work on your part.
Writing NT Event Log                                         VDS 5.x and above Win NT/2k/XP
An example script that helps you to write to NT event log using API.
It has not yet been tested awaiting a Visual DialogScript update to
support more than 8 parameters to @lib() function .It will not work until you install the update. Also note that NT event log is for NT family operating systems only.
VDS TABLE Control API                             VDS 5.x and above Win NT/2k/XP
The VDS table dialog element is a List view control. This is a awesome control but the features available in Visual Dialogscript per se are limited. So power users can control it with API to explore the real power of the control. This package comes with a source code example and a help file for your ease of use and contains more than 40 APIs. The package has been updated and now contains 63 functions more than 20 of them are in a DSU for your easy use.

Transparent Bitmaps                                                   VDS 3.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This demo shows how to use the TransparentBlt API function to draw a bitmap/control with transparency for a given color. The example uses a VDS extension called vdsug.dll capable of calling non vds dll in a limited way (no structures etc). So you can use this in vds 3.x and above.

Animate Window                                                             VDS5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is an example of using API to animate your window.
You have different animation parameters like slide,roll,
collapse, alpha blend etc.
Each function has further parameter like the direction of slide etc. All
the functions are encapsulated into a DSU so that you have easy english
like VDS commands.

PopupWinHelp                                                               VDS5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This script/DSU helps you to use winhelp popups on your dialog
to offer help to your user. This is superior to Tool Tips in many ways like larger help window, better appearance, customizable fonts / formatting /colors/ability to insert images etc. All the  functions are wrapped into a DSU to make this difficult area relatively easy.

Enhanced Menu DSU                             VDS5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

Ever bored of the appearance of VDS menu ?

This Unit gives you the ability to:

1.Create Scrollable Menu.

2.Change the background of menu:

  a. Custom colors and texture.

  b. Bitmaps as background.

3.Change the color/add bitmap to

menu bar background to match it with the color of your dialog. You can take a look at the screenshot here

Updated!! You can change the background of the dialog too on 2k/XP (experimental).

Screen Color Depth                                               VDS3.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

A simple DSU which helps you to obtain the current screen resolution in Bitsperpixel. E.g. 8/16/24 bit etc. This may be helpful if you are displaying 24 bit bitmap on your dialog and want to know the display resolution of the user's computer else these bitmaps may show horribly on one with a lower resolution.

XP Cue Banners                                               VDS5.x and above Win XP with manifest Only

Cue Banners are probably the most non Intrusive way of showing help about a edit box to a user. This is a new feature available on Win XP only. This DSU makes adding cue banners as simple as typing a single line per Edit/Combo box!.

Suspend-Hibernate DSU                     VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is VDS reusable unit that helps you in putting your system to standby mode or to Hibernate it. The updated version can also Lock your computer if supported by the Operating system.

Screensaver Monitor Control Unit                     VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This DSU helps in Disabling/Enabling/getting_info_about Screensaver using API. In the updated version you can also start the screensaver immediately or stop it. You can put the monitor to a low power or standby mode if the hardware support these.

Rich Text Element in VDS                     VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is a demo script which shows how to add a Rich Text Control in VDS using API. You can open and even edit Rich Text Documents (*.Rtf). Currently it does not support images and OLE. The package makes use

of VDSUG dll so that it can be used across all vds versions starting from VDS 3.x. You can even change the background of the element - These advanced features are yet to be implemented in the demo. If someone is interested let me know.

Calendar Element   DSU                                    VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This DSU helps you add a Default Windows calendar element which is more feature-rich as compared to VDS calendar element.

AVI DSU                                                                    VDS 5.1 and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is a Reusable Unit that helps you to add silent AVI videos to your dialog. These AVI play as a separate thread without disturbing your app. The Unit supports AVI from VDS resource as well as common windows AVIs present in all windows versions. Please note that the DSU is for VDS 5.1 and above only and id untested as of now. It can be used after the VDS 5 update is released,

NUM,Scroll,Cap lock status/GetKeyState      VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

 NUM,Scroll,Cap lock status AND Shift,ctrl,Alt click combinations!
An example showing status of Numlock,Scroll lock and CAPS lock keys:
And also using Shift click; Ctrl click; Ctrl+Alt click; in various combinations for use in your applications. To use alt key more effectively you need to get loword values which needs a dll for good performance as shown in Dialog designer assist script.

Toggle Num/Scroll Caps Lock                               VDS 5.x and above Win 9x/NT/2k/XP

This is a simple demo of  keybd_event API to Toggle the status of the above said keys globally.



You need a runtime library called vdsrun50.dll to run most of the compiled applications utilities on this site. You need to download it once if you have not installed Visual DialogScript version 5.x. on your system. Download and place this dll in your system directory. e.g. C:\windows\system in win 9x/ME and C:\windows\system32\ in NT/2k/XP. This is a one time download of approx 200 kb only. Click the icon to download =>

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