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VDSGUI extension is a easy to use plug-in/extension DLL for Visual DialogScript that gives you the ability to customize those last bits of your user interface of a VDS program to give it a very professional look. Most of these tasks require just 1 or 2 lines of code.

In a nutshell it has the following features:

  • Balloon tooltips with custom colors and XP styles.

  • Custom Background/textcolors for Dialog boxes on the fly. (Info , MSGBOX ,Warn , FILEDLG , DIRDLG etc)

  • Change the font of your Dialog elements on the fly.

  • Use Smooth Antialiased Fonts for the dialog elements.

  • Taskicon (System Tray icons) with XP styled Balloon tooltips. Display notifications like windows updates.

  • Use Custom colored/bitmap/gif/jpg as background to your Edit/List and Dialog boxes.

  • Transparent Bitmap elements.

  • Timeout feature for Message Boxes.

  • Borderless Flat Edit Elements.

  • Bitlist with highly customizable features Each item can have:

  • Individual background and Text color.

  • Support for icons/bitmpap/jpeg/gif/emf to be used as glyphs

  • Unlimited width of glyph.

  • Different highlight colors.

  • Different heights!!

  • Extended and Multiple selection options.

  • Flat style (entire list)

  • Play wave file in the background without stopping the execution of your script.

  • Extensive support to load Images and Sound files from the resource section of your exe file helps you distribute a single file and reduce clutter.

  • Change the Style of your VDS Dialogs on the fly(notitle, smallcap etc).

  • Small sized DLL - adds only 45 kb (when compressed) to your application !

  • Easy to use - The dll syntax maintains the easy syntax of Visual DialogScript to allow even people totally unfamiliar to programming accomplish an otherwise difficult task within a matter of an hour.

  • Free to try : You Can try out all the features before you buy.



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